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Do the Lucky Dice Roller numbers really give me a better chance of winning?
In any properly run lottery there is no guaranteed way to pick the winning numbers - they are all down to chance. The way Lucky Dice Roller works it to spread the numbers across the full range of 49, this will help on some occasions. If you use the wheeling plans you increase the possibilities of matching the winning numbers because you normally buy multiple tickets. e.g. if you buy 2 sets of tickets, you double your chances of winning.

How do the dice numbers work?
You can read a brief explanation of how the dice work on hoem page. The exact mathematical details are not available to players.

What is a wheeling system?
A way of playing multiple sets of numbers to increase the chance of winning one or multiple prizes.

Can these numbers be used on other lotteries?
The dice are designed to use 49 numbers and the systems produce sets of 6 numbers to play. This means they are really only ideal for 6 from 49 lottery games. However you could use them on other games such as 6 from 42 or 6 from 50 and ignore sets which have numbers outside the lottery's range. In this case the results are likely to be less successful than with a 6 from 49 game.

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As lotteries are based on randomly drawn numbers the results can never be predicted with total accuracy. Lotto Dice Roller do not guarantee that any information on or produced by these pages will result in any winning prize on any lottery game. Lotto Dice Roller accept no liability for loss or injury arising from the use of any information provided here. Please call the Customer Care helpline for any queries you have with using Lotto Dice Roller. Tel: 01325 357582.

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