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“5 common mistakes”.

Lucky Dice Roller offer the best lotto strategy available on the iOS.

Virtually every player who picks up that pen in the lottery queue is making at least one of the 5 common mistakes below. YOUR GUIDE TO WINNING THE LOTTERY will show you how to avoid these at all costs, dramatically improving your chances of winning every time.

MISTAKE 1: Just go for the jackpot!
Find out why if you truly want to win, you should take a far more scientific and broader approach.

MISTAKE 2: Can’t wait, won’t wait...
Discover why regular lottery wins can’t be rushed and require careful planning.

MISTAKE 3: All lotteries are pretty much the same
Wrong. You need to understand how each lottery works in order to be able to turn it to your advantage. We show you how.

MISTAKE 4: Choose any number...
To win at the lottery, you need to be consistent – in the number combinations you choose, which lotteries you choose to play and when. Random selections whether manual or computerised are a complete waste of time and money.

MISTAKE 5: Don’t bet on your birthday
Find out why selecting so-called ‘lucky’ numbers or those tipped by clairvoyants is no better than having a Lucky Dip.

“Lotto Dice Roller”
is available for
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

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As lotteries are based on randomly drawn numbers the results can never be predicted with total accuracy. Lotto Dice Roller do not guarantee that any information on or produced by these pages will result in any winning prize on any lottery game. Lotto Dice Roller accept no liability for loss or injury arising from the use of any information provided here. Please call the Customer Care helpline for any queries you have with using Lotto Dice Roller. Tel: 01325 357582.

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