Lotto Dice Roller for iPhone

“Do you need help picking your Lotto numbers each week?”.

If the answer is Yes, then Lotto Dice Roller is here to help you!
Lotto Dice Roller is a lucky random number selector for lotteries 6 from 49 it uses a set of dice designed to give you a balanced run of numbers. Taking into account, high and low numbers and odd and even numbers.

Lotto Dice Roller help you select different numbers and increase your odds of winning your local lottery!

To use this fun and interactive app simply shake your device to roll the lucky dice or simply press the Roll Dice button, and then your lucky numbers are revealed!
The high performance graphics give the look and feel or real-life dice.

Share your lucky numbers with your friends and family through numerous social media channels!

“Lotto Dice Roller”
is available for
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Download now to start winning!

As lotteries are based on randomly drawn numbers the results can never be predicted with total accuracy. Lotto Dice Roller do not guarantee that any information on or produced by these pages will result in any winning prize on any lottery game. Lotto Dice Roller accept no liability for loss or injury arising from the use of any information provided here. Please call the Customer Care helpline for any queries you have with using Lotto Dice Roller. Tel: 01325 357582.

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